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In the meantime, we have plenty of ways to help you.
Tel-jeunes, it's for the homies. Come and talk to us!

How it works?

Online content 🤳🏽

Articles, testimonials and videos on all the topics that interest you: mental health, love, sexuality, relationships and much more!

Forum - Espace TJ 💬

Explore our forum for completely anonymous questions and answers among teens.

Clavardage Jeune d'expérience ✌️

To chat with another person who has in your shoes not so long ago, as you would with a friend.
Monday to Friday, 4pm to 10 :30pm.

Talk to a professionnal 👤

There are different ways for you to talk with a professionnal.

☎️ Phone (6am to 2pm)
📱 Text (8am to 10:30pm)
💻 [email protected] (8am to 10:30pm)

How it works
👉 There may be a wait time.
👉 At the beginning of the exchange, we will ask you some questions for our statistics (age, gender, region).
👉 We ask you to remain available throughout the conversation, thus to find the right moment to exchange with us continuously.
👉 It's confidential and free.

When you contact us, you can count on us...
✔️ To believe you without judgment
✔️ To support you 💁
✔️ To inform you
✔️ To help you find an answer to a question 👌
✔️ To refer you, if needed, towards appropriate resources
No problem is too big or too small, don’t hesitate!

For more complex mental health issues, Tel-jeunes cannot replace face-to-face consultation or therapy with a mental health professional. In this type of situation, a conversation with us can be a good first step to help you understand what you are feeling and discuss options for specialized support.