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Why do people break up?

There are many reasons for wanting to break up. Sometimes, when we feel too different from our partner, love gradually wears away. We might also meet someone we find more attractive, or one person might cheat on the other. Here are the main reasons why young people break up.


1.    We’re too different

As you can see, there are many reasons for breaking up. Most of the time, couples break up simply because they don’t have enough in common and not because they don’t love each other anymore! Often, they still love each other but they find that the relationship can’t continue or isn’t feasible over the long run.

2.    I’ve met someone new

About 17% of young people leave because they’ve cheated on their partner (12%) or met someone new (5%). When that happens, it can be a sign that something about the relationship isn’t working anymore. It can then be hard to trust the other person again, and it’s sometimes better to break up.

3.    I’m experiencing violence

Only 1% of young people break up because they’re suffering physical violence. Nowadays, violence is more likely to be psychological, but that hurts a lot too! And sometimes a psychologically violent partner becomes physically violent, especially at the time of the breakup. If you decide to break up with a violent person, make sure that you’re well supported and protected. If necessary, call us!

Are you part of a couple? Are you perfectly happy or do you sometimes have doubts? If you want to talk about something that interests, bothers, or worries you, Tel-jeunes is there for you!

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