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Frequent drinking: Does it change anything?

If you used to drink alcohol occasionally, but now it’s every weekend (or even during the week), there are risks associated with the increase in your drinking.

Getting hooked

Even though it’s legal for adults, alcohol is a drug. You can become dependent on it. You might realize that you need more to feel the same effects. You might start looking for opportunities to drink and hanging out with people who drink. Your life starts to revolve around alcohol.

Feeling more depressed than before you drank regularly

Alcohol is a depressant, like some other drugs. Depressants slow down your bodily functions. Over time, alcohol can desensitize you and dampen your mood.

Disrupted sleep

Alcohol consumption can impair your sleep. You might have trouble falling asleep, wake up often, or have an irregular sleep cycle.

Health risks

Drinking a lot of alcohol can affect your body, including your liver, heart, sex organs, nervous system, and stomach.


Regular, abusive alcohol consumption can result in withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking. Withdrawal can cause anxiety, agitation, irritability, the shakes, and nausea.

To sum up, you need to pay attention to how often you drink and see if you’re able to stop for a few days without feeling lousy. If you stop and you feel cravings or are more depressed than usual, that’s probably a sign that, over time, you’ve become dependent on alcohol.