What is emotional dependency?

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Emotional dependency is the feeling that our happiness and personal worth depend entirely on our partner.

😢When we are dependent, the other person is often the be-all and end-all to us. When they’re not there, we can feel alone, abandoned, worthless, or depressed.


🫨On the other hand, if our partner is dependent, we can feel suffocated and guilty and believe we have to stay with the other person or reassure him/her all the time.


☝️In a healthy, loving relationship, our happiness doesn’t depend on the other person. Of course, we want to spend time with our partner but we’re able to keep our relationship and our personal activities in balance. A dependent relationship can turn unhealthy very fast.



How are things in your relationship? Do you think you might be in a dependent relationship? If you have any doubts, talk to an adult you trust or call us!