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Puberty in guys

Answers to frequently asked questions

I’m afraid my partner will make fun of my penis.
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It’s normal to be anxious when you show your penis to your partner for the first time.

Remember that every body is different: no two penises are alike! Avoid judging yourself, hiding, or comparing yourself to other people. As much as possible, try to accept yourself the way you are. That will allow you to face the situation more confidently and overcome your fear.

And don’t forget that you’re still going through puberty and changes may still happen: give yourself a chance to finish growing.

Finally, don’t believe pornography: it’s not a reliable source of information about sexuality! It can give you false expectations, worries, or comparison points.

How can I control embarrassing erections?
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We can’t always control our erections! Sometimes an erection happens very fast and at an unexpected time: when you’re waking up, if something brushes against your penis, by thinking about something, or even for no real reason.

It can be embarrassing but it’s normal. It shows that your organs are in good working order. It mostly happens during adolescence and it won’t always be like that! The better you get to know your body, the better you’ll be able to control it. To control your erections, you might try wearing looser clothing, looking somewhere else, or trying to think about something else.

My body hair is growing. Should I remove it?
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Nowadays, removing hair is fashionable: we see hairless bodies everywhere! In reality, bodies are much more varied. Remember that this is a decision you have to make for yourself, not for other people.

Cutting, shaving, depilating… Every method has advantages and disadvantages. The genitals are more sensitive to infection and irritation when you remove the hair, because it’s a kind of natural protection.

If you’re thinking about shaving or depilating your body hair, don’t hesitate to ask for help and information from your parents or qualified people: a cosmetician, beautician, or nurse.

Is there any way to make my penis larger?
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No, and even if there were, we wouldn’t recommend it! Some products and surgical operations can do a lot more harm than good.

Instead of looking for radical solutions, learn to love your body. If you’re ashamed of your body, you risk turning in on yourself. But if you accept it, your attitude will be different and other people’s perceptions of you will be too. Also, give your body time to grow, since you’re still in a period when it’s changing. Find real-world comparisons and protect yourself from mean comments.

Most of all, remember that your body isn’t all of you: your personality, interests, and dreams also make you attractive and interesting!

Any worries?

Erections 👷🏾

You’ve probably had erections: your penis swells and gets harder when you feel sexually aroused. Erections can happen at unexpected times, and that can be embarrassing! If it happens at an inappropriate time, you can try to make your erection go away by thinking about something else or looking somewhere else. In the beginning, that will take some time. The better you learn to know your body, the more control you’ll have over your erections.

Ejaculation 🚀

When you have sex or masturbate, ejaculation happens when a white liquid (semen) comes out of your penis. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at the right time. You can learn to control this phenomenon. If it makes you uncomfortable, talk about it with your partner. Be careful about ejaculating when you’re having unprotected sex: semen can transmit a BBSTI or cause pregnancy.

Hygiene for your penis 🛁

Your genitals need to be cleaned regularly, just like the rest of your body. Wash them with water and mild soap. Be sure to wash the inside of your foreskin, the skin covering the head of your penis. A whitish secretion called smegma can accumulate there, which can irritate or infect your penis and/or give off an unpleasant smell. If you feel a burning sensation when you wash your penis, talk to an adult or a doctor.


Circumcision is a surgical operation to remove the foreskin, the skin covering the head of the penis. Circumcision has nothing to do with the penis’s looks or cleanliness. It’s done in certain traditions or religious beliefs, or when the foreskin is too tight and erections and penetration are painful. Circumcision has no effect on how the penis works or on blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections (BBSTIs).

Growth of the penis

All penises are different: there are small ones, medium ones, large ones, hairy ones, curved ones, and wrinkly ones! No matter how big your penis is and what it looks like, you can experience pleasure and give your partner pleasure. If you’re worried about the size or looks of your penis and that’s preventing you from doing certain things, talk to a professional or another adult you trust.

Medical examination 😷

Ideally, you should have a medical check-up every year to make sure you’re healthy. Your doctor will examine your penis and testicles, as well as your anal region to check that your prostate, an organ that’s involved in producing semen, is healthy. Your doctor can also prescribe blood tests to screen for blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections (BBSTIs). If you feel embarrassed, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor questions. He/she will be able to reassure you!

An intense period of transition to adulthood

What’s puberty like for guys?

Puberty is a period of physical and psychological transformation, when you move from childhood to adulthood. During puberty, your body changes and gradually prepares for reproduction: you become able to father children.

Here are some of the changes that happen during puberty:

  • acne (some people have hardly any pimples, while other people have more)
  • your voice changes (it usually gets deeper)
  • growth of muscles and hair on your body 💪: face, legs, armpits, and torso
  • appearance of pubic hair
  • first ejaculations ⛈️ 🚀
  • increase in the size of the testicles and penis 🍤 🍆
  • increase or decrease in your self-confidence (or it may stay the same)
  • changes in your relationships with other people, since your tastes, interests, and needs change

These physical and psychological changes are totally normal. All kids go through this phase: it’s a transition to adult life. Still, if something is embarrassing you or worrying you, talk about it to an adult you trust or send us a text!