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What is PMS?

PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome: a series of temporary symptoms that appear about a week before you get your period. It’s different for every girl. You might find that your mood changes 🙃 or 😧 you might feel some physical discomfort.

Here are some signs so you can recognize PMS:

  • You feel more emotional, irritable, or angry, 😠, or you have mood swings
  • You feel sad, depressed, or anxious 😭
  • You have trouble concentrating
  • 😩 You feel tired
  • You have headaches, stomach aches, or nausea 🤢
  • Your lower back and your breasts ache
  • Tu as mal au bas du dos et aux seins
  • More pimples than usual show up on your face
  • You have cravings for sweet or salty foods

You might have one or more of these symptoms. They only last a few days and they’re perfectly natural.

PMS can be useful: it warns you that your period is coming and it’s time to put a sanitary napkin, tampon, or menstrual cup in your purse!

If you feel a lot of pain or discomfort before your period, consult a doctor, pharmacist, or other health care professional. There are some medications that can help relieve the headaches, nausea, and stomach aches.