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Peers’ support kit

Tel-jeunes believes in the importance of peer support groups and in the positive impact that they can bring in their community. In fact, many youths contact us because they are worried about their friends.

Although our trainers no longer offer peer support workshops directly in schools, we offer a virtual toolbox (available in French only) that includes all the documents needed to implement a peer support group in your organization.

This toolbox contains three turnkey workshops to train and equip your youths on active listening, respecting their limits and welcoming a weighty confidence. You will find the animation guides as well as the documents associated with the fun, interactive and practical activities of each workshop.

Implementation guide

Over the course of this training, we will guide you, with the help of different documents and capsules at your disposal, on the good conditions and strategies to effectively implement a peer support group in your organization.

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Activities suggestions

Active Listening workshop

This workshop helps provide youths with the tools to learn the basics of listening and helping others. With the help of tangible activities, they can not only practice and test out active listening skills but also better understand behaviors and attitude to use in a mutual aid approach.

Animation guide 

Powerpoint presentation

Respecting your limits workshop

In this workshop, peers will increase their awareness of their roles as well as the importance to take into consideration their own limits. We will explore how to help others without putting pressure on ourselves to act as saviors. 

Animation guide 

Powerpoint presentation


Answers to the activity

Welcoming weighty confidences workshop

Teenagers often turn towards their friends to talk about what they’re going through. This workshop helps provide peers with the tools that they will need to receive weighty confidences. It addresses how to refer and support a friend who is experiencing a difficult situation towards professional help.

Animation guide

Powerpoint presentation

Reference cards