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I’m worried about the planet

16 years old

I’m worried about the planet

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I’m afraid for the planet. I worry about it, and I think about it every day. What worries me the most is the future of humanity.

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I’m afraid for the planet. I worry about it, and I think about it every day. What worries me the most is the future of humanity. I fear that climate change will cause future generations to have serious birth defects and diseases. ☹
I understand that it’s alarming. How do you feel when you think about the future of our planet?
It angers me that so few people are stepping up to try and stop what’s changing. Why can’t our leaders understand that the time to act is now? I feel like screaming and teaching everyone a lesson who doesn’t think the situation is critical. But I have to contain myself. Sometimes it’s hard. I wish I could change the world on my own, but I just can’t.
You’re right. It’s a big responsibility to take on alone. It’s great that you want to make a difference in your own way every day, but you have to be realistic in what to expect from yourself. Do you feel that’s the case right now?
Maybe not…I always feel like I should do more. Whenever I consume something that causes pollution, I feel bad, and sometimes it weighs on me. For example, when I go to the grocery store and see a nice box of cookies in a polluting plastic wrapping that will take so many years to decompose, I still want to buy them. But if I do buy them, I feel guilty because I’ve just supported something bad.
It would be pretty hard to live a 100% environmentally responsible lifestyle all the time, and it is completely normal for you to feel these kinds of dilemmas. It’s good to question your consumption habits, but we mustn’t forget all the little things we do that are making a big difference. What you’re telling me shows me how much you’re already doing, I gotta give you credit! 😊 What is something that would help you in moments when you’re super worried about the environment?
Umm…I think I’d like to have someone I could talk to about it. I think it would be good for me to understand how other people cope with their eco-anxiety. There’s an environmental committee at my school. I might like that.
That’s a great idea! 😊 Maybe it would help to feel understood in your eco-anxiety? You can also find support on this topic on our Espace TJ forum.
Cool, I’ll go take a look. Thanks. This has been very helpful!