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Feeling anonymous and invincible: A pitfall to avoid

On the web, we can feel anonymous and invincible. Some kids have the feeling that nothing can happen to them – no one can find them. Unfortunately for them, that’s not true!

Young cyberbullies aren’t hidden

Even if a kid tries to conceal his/her identity, the policy or his/her ISP are always able to track him/her down. What’s more, most sites and apps have rules and codes of conduct, and they make users respect them, even if it sometimes takes a while.

Feelings of anonymity and invincibility lead some young people to commit serious acts that they would never think of doing face to face. Watch it! Some of these actions are illegal, for example threatening or harassing someone or damaging their reputation.

A trap for young victims too

When we feel anonymous, we forget that the Internet is a public place and feel a false sense of privacy. We chat with someone online or in social media and think it will remain between the two of us. But in fact, our Internet communications leave a trail. They can easily be copied, distorted, shared, and distributed publicly!

Be careful what you write and what you send by text or post online. You never know whose hands the information might end up in! Before sending sensitive or personal content, ask yourself if you’re willing to let a lot of people see it. If the answer is no, don’t hit Send!