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How to be good at kissing? 💋

Kissing for the first time can be stressful. Will you know what to do? Will the other person like it? There’s no magic formula for kissing well! You just need to practise. Here are some ideas for making sure your first kisses are successful!

1.    Everyone has their own style

Kissing is like dancing: it takes two. 😽 Each person takes turns leading the dance or following the other. There’s no one right way to kiss; everyone has their own style. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous at first. The important thing is to pay attention to the other person’s reactions and your own needs so you both feel comfortable.

2.    Be prepared

If it’s important to you or you’re worried about it, make sure your breath is clean: brush your teeth carefully (not forgetting your tongue!) or take a breath mint a few minutes before the big moment. Try to find a place where you won’t be disturbed. You’ll be less stressed and better able to enjoy the moment.

3.    Take your time

Go slow. You can start by kissing the other person on the cheek. If he/she wants to kiss you, he/she will naturally turn his/her face to you. Tilt your head a bit so you don’t bump noses! Start by simply pressing your lips on his/hers for a few seconds.

4.    Explore respectfully

If you feel the other person respond to your kiss, you can kiss him/her more. This time, you might try to open your lips. If the other person opens his/her lips too, you can let your kissing get a bit bolder. The important thing is to go gently and slowly and listen to the other person. Remember that a kiss is meant to express desire and affection.

5.    Be patient

When you’re kissing, it’s normal to feel that you’re no good at the beginning. 😗

You learn through experience! Most importantly, be sure to respect your limits and the other person’s. If you feel that something’s not going well, stop right away to find out what’s wrong. Daring to communicate is another way you’ll get good at kissing!