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Nonverbal communication: Just as important as words!

Sometimes actions speak much louder than words. 😤 👅 😑 😃 Your face, your facial expressions, 😕 😱 😴 👿 your arm movements, 🖐 the way you move, your gaze, your smile, every part of your body can send messages. Without opening your mouth, you can make yourself understood. And other people can interpret what you don’t say.

Be clear with your whole self 

We can read an incredible amount of information in people’s eyes. 🙄 😍 We can “listen to” their actions and looks, because they have a lot to say and can communicate many messages. So it’s essential for your body to send the same message as your words. If you say you like broccoli while making a disgusted face, there’s a good chance nobody will believe you! The same thing is true of feelings. If your gestures don’t reflect your words, the other person will know you’re not being sincere.

Listen so you can better express yourself

When you’re talking to someone else, you can pay attention to their nonverbal language and also use what’s called “active listening”. 👂 After listening carefully to the other person, you can reformulate his/her words and ask questions to make sure you understood correctly. Then you can take your turn to talk and pay attention to how the other person responds. In that way, you show the person that you’re really listening and interested in what he/she has to say.

It’s better to make sure you’ve understood correctly instead of trying to guess what the other person thinks! That’s the way to avoid misunderstandings.