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Friends forever: Is it possible?

Sometimes it’s possible to stay friends for life and sometimes it isn’t. Over time, your interests, activities, and view of life change, and your friends’ do too! To make a friendship last, you have to be ready to adapt and make an effort. Here are some ideas on how to make your friendships last a long time!

Let the friendship adapt to change

Are you ready to see your friend less often if you stop attending the same school or one of you moves? Is it okay with you if your friend has a boyfriend or girlfriend or develops new friendships? All these factors can test the strength of a relationship!

Keep the friendship fair

Each person should be equally important in the relationship. In a healthy friendship, each person listens to the other one and expresses himself/herself in turn. Each person has a place!

Respect each other

Accept your friend as he/she is, support each other in hard times, and don’t talk about him/her behind his/her back. If each person feels safe, appreciated, and confident in the relationship, your friendship will have more chances of lasting!

Be authentic and tell the truth

It takes courage, but remember that everyone makes mistakes in life. Real friends are often able to accept and excuse each other’s mistakes, weaknesses, and faults. On the other hand, lies destroy trust and friendships.


Sometimes two friends can be driven apart by a simple misunderstanding. If you feel that you and your friend are becoming more distant, talk with him/her to find out what’s going on.

Resolve conflicts and talk about awkward situations

There are always problems in a friendship. Talk about them together to find solutions. If one of you tends to run away or sulk when a conflict arises, you risk seeing your friendship break down and go adrift.

Accept that your friendship’s intensity may change

You may see certain friends more or less often at certain times. That’s normal and it doesn’t mean the friendship is over. You and your friend will probably get back together later, when one of you has more time or your activities bring you closer again.

Take a break

You or your friend may also need to get some distance and take a break. These times can be difficult but they’re necessary for the friendship to survive.

Of course, one of you may need to break off the relationship completely. If that should happen, it will probably be hard for both of you. Losing a friend can be as tough as breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend! If that happens, talk about it with your parents or another adult you trust.