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Our tips for getting on better with your brother or sister

Although disputes are short-lived and things usually improve with time, the relationship with your brother or sister can sometimes be a real challenge! Here are some ideas to build the best possible relationship.

  • Tell your sibling what you’re feeling. You can also talk to a close friend; he/she might have some good advice.
  • Together with your sibling, find solutions that will satisfy both of you.
  • Talk to your parents, because they can act as mediators and help you find solutions.
  • When your sibling bugs you, try to ignore him/her and just walk away.
  • If you’re mad, clear your head by going for a walk, to the movies, or out with friends.

If your sibling is younger than you:

  • Congratulate and encourage him/her.
  • Don’t order him/her about; instead, make polite requests.
  • Spend time with him/her: he/she thinks you’re cool!
  • Do things he/she likes.
  • Let him/her make mistakes and learn.


If your sibling is older than you, it can be helpful to:

  • Respect his/her peace and privacy.
  • If you want something, ask for it nicely and don’t repeat it over and over again.
  • Tell him/her you like it when he/she helps you or spends time with you.