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Bingeing: What are the consequences?

There are negative effects associated with drinking too much. You might feel queasy, do things you’ll regret later, or even pass out.

«Everything’s spinning round!»

You might feel dizzy, have trouble standing upright, or have blurred vision.

Sick, sick, sick

You might feel nauseated, to the point of throwing up.

Dazed and confused

You might feel confused and be unable to follow conversations or even your own actions.

Communication problems

You might slur your words or say things you wouldn’t normally say. When people drink, they lose the filters (or inhibitions) that they would normally have when sober.

Regrettable behaviour

You might act like an idiot or do inappropriate things.

Even more regrettable behaviour

Since you’re not in your normal state, you might have sex and forget it or regret it the next day, and you might also forget to use protection.

Mechanical problems

Alcohol can also change the way your body reacts during sex.

Drinking and driving

Alcohol affects your reflexes and increases the risk of accidents. It’s dangerous for you and others.

The morning after the night before

You may wake up in a sorry state. You might have a hangover or feel sick, feel like your head is being hit by a hammer, be dehydrated, have memory blanks (not remember the previous evening), or even wake up somewhere you didn’t expect to be.

No mornings after ever again!

Overconsumption of alcohol is risky and can lead to a tragic end. In some cases, young people pass out, go into a coma, or even die.

Binge drinking or moderation... it’s up to you to decide how far you want to go, knowing that it’s not exactly risk-free and that you can have a lot of fun without going to extremes.