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[ Hetero? Bi? ]

kikooliko - fille - 15 ans (1 novembre 2017)

Hi, I have a question. Im 15, and I always thought that I was heterosexual. But lately, a friend of mine asked me if im 100% hetero, and i didnt know what to answer, since i sometimes fantasise about kissing girls, making out and having sex with them. I started thinking about it, and now im confused! I dont feel like bisexual, because in real life, a never liked a girl, but i sometimes watch stuff were girls make out (like music videos or short gay films) and I always find it attractive. So am I bi? Or is it normal for a straight girl to be somewhat attracted to girls? Thank you!

Réponse de TelJeunes

Hi kikooliko!

It’s not always easy to know for sure what our sexual orientation is. In fact, there is not only one way to determine a sexual orientation, it is more like a spectrum and we can be anywhere in between the two poles (heterosexual or homosexual) you see? These questions can be hard to settle and I’m happy that you wrote us to share this and try to figure it out.

This being said, there is a big difference between fantasies and real life desires. You see, it is possible for a straight person to fantasize about something, but not really wanting it in real life. That’s entirely ok and it doesn’t make you homosexual or bisexual. Another thing is that it’s ok not to know for sure what you like from the start. Usually, it’s time and experiences that help us figure that out. Is that clear for you?
If you have more questions, please write us back :)

Take care,



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